It’s bad enough that Chicago has such long and tough winters, but summer rains can be just as devastating to your chimney. Don’t let summer rains ruin your winter fire! Even minor damage to your masonry can allow water in that can destroy your chimney from the inside out.

What is Water Damage?

Since your masonry is porous, it is particularly susceptible to water penetration and damage. If water is allowed into your chimney system, it can damage parts, cause leaks throughout the home, lead to mildew, mold, and respiratory issues, cause masonry stains, structural damage, and more. Don’t let your damaged chimney ruin your fall and winter this year. You can prevent damage before it happens with a little preventative maintenance this spring!

Prevent Water Damage

You can prevent water damage by scheduling some simple maintenance that will keep your chimney working safely and efficiently.

Routine Maintenance – The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) both agree that routine chimney sweeps and annual chimney inspections keep your chimney system working safely and efficiently. These appointments are vital for prevention, diagnosis, and repairs that keep your family safe throughout the winter. They also keep your chimney from costing you money throughout the off-season.

Waterproofing Services – Because of the porous nature of masonry, your chimney can take on water during winter and summer alike. You can prevent water damage by scheduling waterproofing services. Now is the best time to waterproof your masonry.

Call Robinson Maintenance Repair Today

At RMR, we offer chimney sweeps and inspections year-round. We also treat masonry with an industrial water repellent that will protect your chimney from water penetration year after year. This product from Saver Systems is a vapor-permeable water repellent, which means it still allows vapors out while keeping water molecules from getting in. Unlike silicon-based products that “seal” your masonry, ChimneySaver still allows the masonry to breathe and work properly while also preventing water damage.

When you schedule services with Robinson Maintenance Repair, you can rest assured that your chimney is ready for summer rains. We will make sure your masonry is in good shape before it’s waterproofed, and our services are backed by the Chimney Safety Institute of America because our techs are certified. Don’t trust your home to the amateurs. Trust the professionals, and we’ll keep your chimney working for you.

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