You wouldn’t want to live in your house without a roof, and your chimney needs one too. The chimney crown works as a roof for your flue and keeps water out that can wreak havoc on your system. The crown keeps water and debris out of the flue and if it’s made properly also directs the water to run off the crown and prevent it from running onto and down the masonry. Having a crown prevents water damage and helps the chimney to function safely and efficiently.

Do I Need a Chimney Crown? chimney crown
Next to the cap, the crown in the first thing the rain hits INSTEAD of the flue. It should prevent all water from entering the top of the chimney and reaches from the flue opening to the edge of the chimney. At the edge, the crown should overhang at least 2 inches to allow water to drip off instead of run down the chimney. At its center, where the crown meets the flue opening, the crown should be several inches thick, and be no less than 3 inches thick at its outermost edge. This slant allows the water to run off properly.

The Well-Constructed Crown
It’s important that the crown is properly constructed. Amateurs may use leftover mortar to make the crown, but this is an afterthought. The crown should be custom made for each chimney, properly sized, and constructed with a slant for water runoff, and can be waterproofed for added protection. Robinson Maintenance and Repair, Inc. constructs quality and lasting chimney crowns. A well-constructed crown will take on less wear-and-tear, will keep water from affecting the exterior of the chimney, and will help the chimney work properly all winter long.

Repairing the Crown
The chimney crown endures heavy abuse throughout the year, including hot, penetrating sunlight, temperature fluctuations, and extreme and ongoing weather conditions. The crown may flake and crack over time, which allows water to penetrate the system. If this occurs during the cold months, the damage may be more extensive due to the freeze-thaw cycle in which water freezes inside cracks and gaps. The water expands as it freezes, causing further damage. When the water melts, it runs further into the damaged masonry, and repeats the process all winter long. A well-made crown may take become damaged over time for various reasons, but a poorly-made crown will become damaged due to water pooling, and cause damage elsewhere, such as stains to the exterior masonry and leaks in the flashing below at the intersection of the roof and chimney.

RMR Fixes Crowns
When you trust Robinson Maintenance and Repair with your chimney crown repairs and installations, you can count on a job well done. We can construct a new crown for your chimney, repair a damaged one, and prevent future leaks by treating it with a waterproofing agent.

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