Your chimney liner is important to the safe and function of your chimney. A properly-sized liner allow the smoke, heat, and vapors to vent properly. It’s critical to have a liner that’s sized properly, as an improperly sized liner could lead to plenty of problems.

If the liner is too large, the air stall and cool off before it reaches the top. If it’s too small, it may not vent properly and push some of the smoke back into your home. A liner that is made of wrong material, it can deteriorate quickly, become cracked and damaged, and then lead to a fire hazard. When it comes to your chimney, you should always hire a professional to do your installations and repairs.

Common Liner Problems

When it comes to your chimney liners, there are plenty of issues that could arise. It is very important to make sure you are taking care of it and staying up to date with maintenance or repairs. Some of the common problems that happens to your chimney liner are:

  • Joint Gaps – Your liner may have joint damage that leaves gaps in the liner. These gaps not only allow heat and toxic gases to escape the flue, but it also disrupts airflow and creates a space for creosote and soot to build up.
  • Deterioration – If your chimney has a clay tile liner, you may notice pieces of clay tile that have fallen into the firebox. Clay tile liners do not last as long as other liners, and they tend to chip and break piece by piece.
  • Water Damage – Spalling masonry, damaged or missing flashing, cracks in the crown, or a missing chimney cap are all reasons for water damage to your chimney liner. Once water penetrates your chimney system, it rust and deteriorate it from the inside out. Particularly corrosive to your liner is the mixture of water with creosote and soot. Over time it will eat away your liner until significant damage.
  • Improper Material – Your chimney may have the incorrect type of liner. If your liner is not appropriate for your fuel type, you should schedule a relining immediately. If you’ve recently upgraded to a more efficient fireplace, then you’ll also need to upgrade the liner.

Let the Professionals Help

If you’re still unsure whether you need to repair, replace, or upgrade your liner, put your trust in our professionals. They can perform a diagnostic inspection to determine your liner problems. Our experts also provide suggestions along with detailed explanations. Let us ensure your chimney liner is safe and efficient.

Robinson Maintenance Repair diagnoses liner problems, along with repair, resurface, and reline your chimney.  We also use the best products and standards to fix your liner and ensure safety for your family. Call us today at 847-290-1883 to get started.