At Robinson Maintenance & Repair, Inc. we’ve been serving our neighbors in the Chicagoland area for over eight years. In this time we’ve made friends and valued customers! We’ve also gained invaluable experience and are acquainted with local codes and regulations. When you choose Robinson Maintenance & Repair, Inc. you get the experience of almost a decade of chimney work in this area.

Nationally Certified Chimney Sweeps

All of our chimney sweeps are CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps® (CCS). They undergo classroom and field training as well as continued education. CSIA members also adhere to a stringent code of ethics that protects homeowners from scams and keeps technicians honest to our goal: the protection and education of all of our customers.

Familiar With Chicagoland

Our sweeps are familiar with the area. We live among our customers, share the same grocery stores, and attend the same community events. Our technicians are also familiar with the climate in upper Illinois and how it can affect a chimney – even a healthy one. We know the local codes and regulations that homes and contractors must adhere to.

Our technicians work frequently with other professionals in the area, in order to offer the best experience for our customers. When your general contractor needs a chimney expert to complete your remodel, Robinson Maintenance & Repair, Inc. is happy to work together with them. Are you scheduling a remodel or construction with a general contractor? If so, make sure you ask about the chimney. Avoid a rebuild later by making sure your chimney, firebox, and hearth are designed and built by a chimney expert. One who is familiar with laws, chimney science, firebrick materials, and safety.

A Full Menu of Services

For all of your chimney needs, from the hearth to the chimney cap, you can depend on Robinson Maintenance & Repair, Inc. Our technicians offer chimney sweeps and chimney inspections to help our customers maintain the safest and most efficient chimney system possible. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) of which RMR is a member, recommends regular chimney sweeps and annual inspections for the best performance of your system.

RMR rebuilds, repairs, and restores all parts of the chimney system: fireplace, firebox, masonry, liners, chimney crowns, and more. We install crowns, caps, screens, dampers, covers, and appliances. We diagnose your chimney issues so you don’t have to!

To Schedule With RMR

Call Robinson Maintenance & Repair, Inc. at (847) 290-1883. Our chimney experts can diagnose your chimney problems swiftly. In addition, we can make a repair plan before it becomes a danger for your family and your home.

For your convenience you can also request an estimate online.