Of all the parts of the chimney system, the liner is one of the most important and has multiple jobs. The liner keeps the fire in its place, keeping heat and hazardous gases from traveling through the masonry and into your home. The liner also properly sizes the flue for maximum efficiency and ventilation and protects the masonry from corrosive chemicals that can wear it down faster and lead to damage and repairs later. More than 90 percent of the liner is hidden from view, so it’s important to hire a professional for annual inspections. It’s during this important inspection that a homeowner may find out about a liner problem.Nondestructive Flue Liner Correction - Chicago IL - Robinson Maintenance

Common Liner Problems

Clay tile liners may become worn out over time and begin chipping and cracking as they are exposed to high temperatures and harsh chemicals. Using the wrong type of fuel can also damage a clay tile liner. Other problems that can affect the liner include missing joints, joint damage, cracks, gaps, and voids in the liner, and more. Even a small scratch left by an animal can collect creosote and soot and deteriorate over time, unbeknownst to the homeowner.

Using HeatShield for Liner Repairs

When you hire a professional who is certified to use HeatShield products, you can rest assured that your liner problem will be corrected without removing the existing liner. HeatShield’s cerfractory sealant combines the heat resistant properties of refractory materials and the strength of ceramic. It was developed over 20 years ago and is as durable as a stainless steel chimney liner when used to reline a chimney. We can also use HeatShield cerfractory sealant to repair damaged liners instead of resurfacing the whole length of the chimney.

The Process

When you choose Robinson Maintenance Repair to repair your chimney liner using HeatShield, we will start by shaping a custom foam applicator blade that sits beneath the damaged portion of the chimney. It’s attached to a winch above. We mix the HeatShield sealant, which comes in a powdered form to avoid waste, and fill the application blade. As it’s pulled upward, it deposits the product into the liner joints, gaps, and spaces. Once the job is done, we double check it with video scan to ensure that the liner is completely repaired and safe for use.

RMR uses HeatShield to benefit our customers in the Chicagoland area. It is the only product of it’s kind on the market that has been studied, tested, and perfected for over twenty years. HeatShield trains and certifies its independent installers, and the product is eco-friendly made of recycled and naturally-occurring materials. HeatShield Cerfractory Resurfacing services are even covered by a 20 years materials warranty.

Ask a chimney expert about HeatShield today. Call RMR at 847-290-1883 and get started on your chimney services and necessary repairs so your chimney is ready for fall.