Your chimney is an important part of your home. It may be the most important because it continuously works to keep your family safe from fire and smoke inhalation while a fire is burning. The entire chimney system is made up of parts that work together to vent the fire, and it endures abuse and significant wear and tear over time. Occasionally it will need maintenance beyond the routine cleaning.

Masonry Repairs and Maintenance

Your chimney may be sound, but there are services that can help keep it that way. Instead of making major repairs every ten years, you can schedule minor, preventative maintenance that prevents major damage.

  • Waterproofing
    Waterproofing is a service that can prevent water damage by placing a barrier between the water and the masonry. Robinson Maintenance Repair can apply ChimneySaver, a water-based repellent that penetrates deep into the masonry to repel water from even the furthest reaches of the masonry. This repellent allows vapors to escape, while keeping water from penetrating it. It does not damage or discolor the the masonry or roof, but remains invisible, protecting the masonry year-round.
  • Crown Coat
    The chimney crown endures year-round moisture, freeze/thaw cycle in the winter, and sun and heat in the summer. It can crack and become damaged over time, but occasional maintenance can keep it from serious damage. RMR can brush on CrownCoat, an elastomeric coating that forms a flexible, waterproof membrane. This coating is specifically formulated to protect chimney crowns, filling cracks, and restoring the crown to beauty and function. CrownCoat can be applied year-round, even in cold temperatures.
  • Tuckpointing
    Sometimes called repointing, this masonry repair is a little more involved than ChimneySaver and CrownCoat. Tuckpointing is the process of removing damaged and spalling mortar and replacing it with new mortar of the same strength, color, and consistency. It can prevent water damage and structural damage before spalling masonry becomes a serious issue. Tuckpointing is sometimes scheduled for a cosmetic repair before a property sale or to help bring up value for refinancing.
  • Minor Repairs
    Replacing parts such as the damper, door hinges, chimney caps, and flashing are important to the longevity of your chimney. Hiring a professional to complete this type of maintenance is essentials that you know the job is done, and it’s done right.
  • Inspections
    It is difficult to recognize weaknesses or damages to your chimney system because most of it is hidden. A homeowner often doesn’t know what to look for, or where to look, so it’s vital that annual inspections are scheduled. When you schedule an inspection with RMR, you will receive a report identifying any hazards and repair needs.

Your chimney maintenance is important to keep your chimney safe and functional!

A clean chimney is an efficient chimney, but there is more to chimney maintenance than the sweep. Parts wear out, time and abuse takes its toll, and natural disasters rock your masonry. Hiring a professional to handle your comprehensive chimney maintenance is the best way to keep it working the longest. Call RMR today at (847) 290-1883, and find out what we can do to keep your chimney working this winter.