Fireplaces are in demand. Homeowners look for a fireplace when buying, and more and more families are remodeling to add a fireplace. When wood was the common option it could be difficult to add a fireplace, but not today. Today you can add a fireplace to any part of your home with a gas fireplace.

Gas Log Sets

Gas log sets are available as vented or vent-free products. A vented gas log set is a great option if your chimney is in good shape and you’d like to convert from wood to gas. Gas is more efficient, and although it’s not recommended for whole-home heating, they’re great for zone heating. Gas log sets look like a wood fire. The logs are formed from ceramic and have tiny burners along the tops and sides of the logs, keeping a realistic, steady burn.

Vent-free gas log sets are slightly less realistic than vented ones simply because they have a blue flame. Some homeowners prefer the yellow flame of the vented log sets, but the vent-free logs with the blue flames have higher heat output. Vent-free logs are also a great option for a chimney that is irreparable or generally unsafe for use. The logs can be installed directly into the existing fireplace and a professional can close off the faulty chimney.

Gas Inserts

Gas inserts are a beautiful option for a fireplace installation, especially for a fireplace face-lift or upgrade. These gas inserts are a closed-combustion firebox that is installed into an existing fireplace to increase efficiency. A gas insert can utilize your existing masonry chimney as long as it has been inspected and has a proper flue liner. Some gas insert products don’t need a chimney, though. You can have a direct-vent gas insert installed anywhere because the direct vent can be installed through a wall to the outside of your house. B-vent, or natural vent gas inserts can also be installed anywhere, requiring a vent through the home, terminating above the roof. It draws air from the home, though not much. This is similar to the direct vent insert that draws air from outside and vents it outside.

Your Dream Fireplace

Installing a gas fireplace is a great way to add some style to your home. If you are upgrading or giving your fireplace a makeover, there are many options. Homeowners can benefit from the versatility of installation and design of gas fireplaces, but there are also other great benefits. Gas fireplaces have convenient push-button or easy-light starts and the flame is easily controlled. When you’re finished using your gas fireplace you can put it out quickly instead of waiting for the fire to die as you would for a wood-burning fireplace.

Gas fireplaces are also low-maintenance. It’s best to clean the fireplace monthly, sweeping the area, wiping down the logs, and cleaning the glass doors. Hinges, latches, and screens should be checked monthly as well. Even with this monthly maintenance, though, your gas fireplace should be serviced annually.

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