When your chimney was built, it should have been built to last. The leading cause of damaged chimneys is neglect. Most chimney damage is 100 percent preventable, and the worst damage is caused by one thing: water.

Preventing Water Damage

When water is allowed to penetrate the chimney system, it destroys it from the inside out. Water can damage rooms throughout the home, rust and deteriorate parts and assemblies, stain and ruin walls, break down masonry, and more. In order to prevent serious damage and maintain the highest level of efficiency possible, you need to make sure your chimney is protected from water penetration. Have a chimney cap installed NOW if you haven’t already. Have it replaced NOW if it is askew, you can see damaged parts, or it looks old or worn down. Installing a new chimney cap is an affordable way to potentially save thousands of dollars in damage.

Caps Keep Water Out

The chimney cap is designed to direct water away from the flue opening. The water runs off the cap and onto the chimney crown, where it flows onto the flashing below. Most caps even have wind deflectors that prevent rainwater from being blown down the flue. This is especially important now, because spring is coming, and with it comes heavy rains and windy storms. Protect your chimney this spring by adding a flue cover.

Caps Keep Animals Out

At this time of year, animals are looking to nest in safe and warm spaces (like your chimney). Small mammals such as squirrels, chipmunks, and even raccoons have been known to climb into a chimney from time to time. Robinson Maintenance Repair can remove animals safely and humanely in many circumstances. But unfortunately, many times they suffocate and die inside the chimney, obstructing airflow, emitting foul odors, and potentially causing a fire hazard. Even if an animal does somehow make it back out of the flue, it climbs out, using claws that leave scratches and weak spots on your flue’s interior. If a chimney swift happens to get into your flue and nests there, you will not be able to use your fireplace, nor will you be able to hire us for their removal. Chimney swifts are federally protected, and they can stay in your flue for up to 90 days. Avoid the hassle by installing a chimney cap.

Caps Keep Fire In

When a fire is extra hot, it may shoot sparks up the flue. These can escape and may ignite debris on the roof or vegetation below. This is not possible with a chimney cap because it has a spark guard that sends the sparks right back down the flue.

If you’re worried about your flue this spring, don’t worry. Robinson Maintenance Repair has you covered — especially your flue. We sell and install quality chimney caps that will help maintain your fire, and keep precipitation and wind out of your chimney.

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