A drafty house is a pain. It hurts your wallet and is frustrating. When you have a drafty chimney, changing the thermostat will not help. Sealing the windows and doors can even make it worse! What do you do to solve a drafty chimney? It’s a fairly tricky problem to solve by yourself, so you must call the professionals at Robinson Maintenance Repair.

The Drafty Chimney

There are many reasons a fireplace doesn’t work properly to cause a draft. In fact, your chimney needs a draft! But what do you do when the draft affects your home and won’t start a fire in your fireplace? When it comes to drafts in your home, the first places to look is your chimney. A chimney draft can be an annoyance in the winter and summer, costing you a lot in heating and cooling bills, and it is likely an indication of a problem with your chimney system.

Ideally, the main job for your damper is to prevent drafts. If it’s in the closed position, and air still flows through the chimney, then there is a problem with your damper. It may be clogged, rusted, or damaged causing it to close improperly or not at all. During the winter, a drafty chimney allows heated air to escape, while it allows conditioned air to escape in the summer. Scheduling a diagnostic inspection is the first step to fix your damper problem, improve chimney function, and decrease your utility bills too!

Common Chimney Problems

Damaged damper – You can have your throat damper replaced, and this will definitely improve the draft problem. However, you can also opt for a top mount damper to see even better results. The top mount damper is often called the energy saving damper, homeowners see up to 75 percent in savings on heating and cooling bills after. At Robinson Maintenance Repair, we carry Lock-Top and Lyemance dampers both offer an air-tight seal, low-profile, and keep your heated and conditioned air in your home. We also carry mechanical fireplace dampers, which improve fireplace function and stop your draft problem. We also carry IntelliDraft Damper system, the best anti-draft damper on the market. It’s economical, environmentally-friendly, quiet, and works with any fireplace.

Tight House – Today’s homes are built so that no air gets in or out. This can cause lots of draft issues. It make it difficult for your chimney to properly vent smoke and gases out because your fireplace is not able to pull air out of the house. By troubleshooting your fireplace, you may find that your draft problem can be easily solved by cracking a door or window. If you are not sure what is causing your chimney to not work properly, call the professionals today!

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