There is no doubt about it–now is the time to think about your fireplace. The seasons are changing, temperatures are dropping, and the holidays are coming. Homeowners enjoy fireplaces during this time of year most of all, as they plan family gatherings, lounge in the evening, or just to cut heating costs. You can too, when you choose a direct vent natural gas fireplace.

Direct Vent: How It Works

A direct vent fireplace is a popular option that can be installed without a chimney. They are great for remodels, new constructions, and to replace tired open fireplaces. Direct vent is a technology that utilizes one single “direct vent” from the fireplace to the outside of the home. Through this direct vent, there are two chambers, one pulls air from the outside, and one pushes air out as exhaust. This type of fireplace is a completely closed unit. It doesn’t take any air from inside the home, so every bit of heat produced by the fire stays in the home. It doesn’t need a chimney, so this fireplace can be installed anywhere with an outside wall. Check out this video that explains direct vent technology so that you understand what you’re getting before you choose.

Choosing Natural Gas

The direct vent fireplace is convenient because it can be installed without a chimney, and because it’s a closed unit that is very low maintenance on the homeowner. It’s also a natural gas appliance, which means it’s good for the environment and highly efficient. Gas burns cleanly and no creosote is created through its burning. Very little soot is left in the vent, and they need very little maintenance compared to other fireplace options.

Gas is also a favorite among homeowners because it can be controlled with the push of a button. Many models have a switch or button to light and extinguish the fire in seconds. Many even have remotes to control the flame itself, a convenient feature when the house is full and homeowner and guests are too busy to stoke a wood fire. The gas fireplace is also safer. Once it’s extinguished, it’s out, the glass cools quickly and it’s safe to leave unattended.

If you want the beautiful, realistic look of a wood fire, you’re in luck. Natural gas fireplaces even burn realistic-looking ceramic logs that can be rearranged in some models, giving your fire an even more realistic look.

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All things considered, there’s no real reason not to choose a direct vent natural gas fireplace. They’re eco-friendly, efficient, safe, convenient, and beautiful. You can even choose a model that complements your home and personality. With the right professional to install your new appliance, there are no cons to consider. You should always hire a professional to complete installations, services, and repairs to your heat system. RMR installs direct vent fireplaces, services them, and repairs them. We can discuss your options, help you decide what type of fireplace, location, and size to best suit your needs, and get started now, so you can enjoy it as soon as possible!

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