Routine chimney care is one of the best things you can do for your home and family. Chimney maintenance is an investment in your home and it prevents damages and costs that can put your money and your wallet at risk. Don’t leave it up to chance; schedule your chimney inspection now–before winter and before a minor problem becomes a major hazard.

Why Schedule an InspectionCSIA chimney inspections come in three different levels

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommend annual inspections for a safe and efficient chimney. Inspections are required by homeowners associations, insurance companies, and municipal authorities. They’re also required when you buy or sell your home.

Why do you need an inspection and what type do you need? Find out before you schedule.

CSIA Inspections

The industry standard for chimney diagnostics is and has been the CSIA inspection. In order to best assess chimney systems and for homeowners to avoid paying too much, there are different levels of inspections.
Level One – When the system hasn’t been changed, the family intends to use it in the same way, and it hasn’t presented any problems in the last 12 months, a level one inspection is scheduled. It’s the standard annual inspection required by most insurers and is an assessment of all readily accessible portions of the system, including the exterior masonry. The technician will also check connections and basic appliance installation.
Level Two – If changes have been made to the system, including new installations, repairs, or changes in fuel type, a level two inspection should be scheduled. It’s also required before the sale or transfer of property and when a natural occurrence might have affected the system (tornado,, earthquake, fire, etc.). A level two inspection is required if a level one indicates a problem and it includes everything in a level one as well as accessible portions of the system by way of panels or doors in the attic or basement. A level two inspection should also include a video scan of the interior of the system.
Level Three – When hazards are detected in a lesser level inspection, a level three is scheduled. It may include the removal of components of the home or chimney (ie., crown, masonry, walls) to gain access to hazards. You will not have a level three inspection unless a serious hazard is suspected.

RMR Inspects Chimneys

We take chimney safety seriously at Robinson Maintenance Repair, so we offer level one, two, and three inspections year-round. When you schedule with us, you’ll have a CSIA certified chimney sweep checking over the system from top to bottom. Our work is licensed and insured, our team members are certified in Advanced Inspection & Documentation, Diagnosis & Documentation, and Inspection & Report Writing. We also live and work in the area and stay up to date on local codes, NFPA standards, and have working relationships with other trade professionals in the area.

Do not leave your chimney up to chance. Leave it up to the professionals at RMR. Call 847-290-1883 or request an appointment online.