Chimney covers serve many purposes, from preventing rain from entering into the flue system, deterring animals from making nests, and as spark arrestors, to prevent an occurrence of fire.

Moisture is the number one enemy to chimneys, and if it enters the structure of the fire burning system it could be costly by accelerating the deterioration, or damage, that has, or may occur.

Animals find uncovered chimneys or venting systems suitable to build nests, causing unsafe conditions, to your home, or commercial property. Additionally, sparks from an uncovered chimney flue often take flight, traveling up-and-out, past the chimney flue termination, and some are large enough to remain burning, as they land on your or your neighbor’s home. Making sure your chimney has the proper cover, could protect you from such occurrences.

There are different types of covers you may consider installing, beginning with the most basic cap, to the top sealing damper, that will effectively, and economically, seal-out all undesirable elements, including flying insects!

The Technicians, at Robinson Maintenance and Repair, Inc. are trained in assisting you, with the proper flue cover for your specific needs.

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