There are a few reasons that your chimney crown may need replacing. If it is too damaged from weather or neglect for safe restoration, it will need to be completely replaced. The proper construction of the concrete crown is paramount when replacing it. How it is made, and what it’s made of will determine how well it performs. This is why it is vital to choose an experienced professional for this job.

The Importance of the Chimney Crown

The chimney cap protects the flue opening, but the crown protects the rest of the chimney. It reaches from the flue liner to the edge of the chimney, where it overhangs the chimney by two inches to allow water to run off. The crown should be sloped toward the edge so that water runs off instead of pulling and causing damage. It should be made of concrete – not mortar – because concrete is stronger, can withstand temperature fluctuations, and weather better than mortar, and lasts longer.

The chimney crown sheds water away from the top of the chimney. When it becomes damaged or cracked, it will allow water into the chimney system. This causes water damage that drops your chimney’s efficiency and raises fire risk. It is always cheaper to prevent this type of damage than to repair it. At a routine chimney inspection, your technician may discover cracks or voids in your chimney crown. If they aren’t serious, they can be repaired using a product that seals and waterproofs the surface. If the crown is too damaged to make this type of repair, it must be replaced. A crown replacement is a repair that should be completed as soon as possible, before burn season, and especially before winter.

Call Robinson Maintenance & Repair

At RMR we construct concrete chimney crowns for the best and longest chimney crown performance. We begin by assessing the existing chimney crown. If it needs to be replaced, we begin plans to pour a cement cast-in-place crown. A custom mold will help us create the crown that will fit your chimney opening perfectly. Our crowns are at least 4 inches thick, with a two-inch overhang, and are sloped as per standards. If we can avoid a full replacement, we will utilize Crown Coat, a brushed-on elastomeric coating that forms a flexible waterproof membrane. This product is available for cold weather application, so we can apply it in winter.

We know how busy the fall and winter months can be, and that is why we offer our chimney services year round. You still have time to schedule your important chimney services with RMR! Get started today and we can have your concrete crown replaced in time for your first fire of the season. A new concrete crown can also help you avoid water and winter damage that may cost you dearly in the future.

Call Robinson Maintenance & Repair now at (847) 290-1883, and talk to a chimney expert about the benefits of a healthy chimney crown.