Slip Casting with HeatShield®

RMR offers an experienced slip casting service to effectively repair your damaged chimney flue. We use an excellent product called HeatShield® which provides the strength of high-fired ceramics and the heat resistance of cerfractory cement.

After a thorough cleaning and prep of the clay tile, we prepare the HeatShield® product. A custom-cut foam applicator is then placed at the bottom of the flue and is attached to a wench mounted on top of the chimney and pulled by a cable. Next, the tie coat is applied to the flue tiles and pulled up through the chimney. This acts as a primer for the HeatShield® application. The HeatShield® material will now fill the open voids and restore the integrity of the flue system.


We provide many other fireplace services, such as eliminating smoke problems and repairing damaged masonry, through our chimney service professionals. Ask us for details.

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