Fireplace Inserts

While a traditional masonry fireplace adds aesthetics to a home, it is not energy efficient. However, fireplace inserts can provide heat for your home and help lower your heating bills.

A fireplace insert is a closed-combustion firebox that is installed into an existing fireplace to increase its efficiency. The insert is actually “inserted” into the fireplace unit—instantly upgrading the heating capabilities. Inserts are available for both wood burning and gas fireplaces. Gas inserts offer the options of direct vent, natural vent or vent-free and come standard with a blower or fan that greatly circulates the heat.

If you are considering a fireplace insert for your masonry fireplace, you will have three choices—a traditional woodburning insert, a gas insert or a pellet-burning insert. You will also have to make sure your existing fireplace will accommodate a specific fireplace insert. A certified chimney specialist can help determine the best options for your home and assure the unit is properly installed.

If you are looking for the best heat producing option, a woodburning insert is the way to go. Burning quality firewood in a properly installed woodburning insert can definitely help you save money on your heating bills and there’s nothing better than the smell and sound of a woodburning fireplace.

However, one of the advantages of gas inserts verses woodburing inserts is the ability to control the fire with a remote control or knob. This allows you to turn the fire on or off, control the size of the flame or have thermostat control. This convenience and efficiency is often the deciding factor for many.

Pellet inserts, on the other hand, are relatively new to the market and may be harder to find than the two traditional woodburning and gas inserts. However, technological advances could make these inserts the best all-around choice for heat and energy efficiency. This type of insert fireplace uses wood pellets for fuel that are fed into the fire by an automated auger via electricity.

Considering a fireplace insert for your home? Call RMR for an inspection and let us help you make the best choices for your needs.

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