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RMR provides quality and experienced chimney cap installation service that will guarantee the application is done correctly. Chimney caps play an important role within the chimney system—protecting the entire chimney and the roof from deterioration. For this reason, you want to be assured yours is doing the best job possible and if necessary, your new chimney cap is installed by a certified chimney specialist.

Hard to believe but, a properly sized, low cost chimney cap can provide you sufficient money saving protection. Chimney caps are installed at the very top to guard the inside of the chimney from many things, including:

  • Water & Moisture Damage: Chimney caps will help keep rainwater or melting snow from coming down the chimney. The moisture can easily damage stainless steel liners, chimney dampers and mortar joints while also producing mold and mildew within the chimney system.
  • Debris: The caps hinder leaves, branches and other debris from entering the chimney and collecting within the chimney system.
  • Animals: Birds, squirrels and raccoons often choose to make a chimney their home. Without a chimney cap, animals will be able to enter your chimney and could possibly become trapped and die. If this should occur, you chance fowl odors entering your home.
  • Downdrafts: Blowing wind has the possibility of creating downdrafts. The flat-shaped chimney cap is designed to prevent downdrafts. Without a chimney cap on a wood-burning fireplace, wind-induced downdrafts are potential hazards and can actually blow smoke back into your home.
  • Sparks & Embers: Chimney caps prevent lit embers or sparks from landing on your roof—often the cause of many chimney house fires.

Our high-quality stainless steel caps carry a lifetime warranty. If you are concerned with the quality of your chimney cap, currently do not have one installed or looking for an inspection, give us a call.

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