Your chimney is the largest system in most homes. It can also be the most dangerous AND the most costly when it comes to neglect and repairs. Your chimney system requires routine maintenance in order to perform safely and efficiently throughout the year. Both the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) agree that chimneys should be inspected annually and cleaned regularly to be safe and efficient. If you haven’t scheduled a chimney inspection in the last 12 months, you should have it scheduled before fall. Schedule now, and your chimney will be ready for the first fire of the season.Chimney Inspections Levels of Safety - Chicago IL - Robinson Maintenance Repair

Choosing the Type of Chimney Inspection

CSIA inspections are categorized according to thoroughness. Three levels allow for homeowners to save money by only scheduling what is necessary, and allow professionals to save time by focusing on exactly what needs to be assessed. What type of inspection your chimney needs depends on how you have been using the system for the last year and how it has been performing. Scheduling the right inspection can help determine work to be done and identify hazards that may put your family at risk. If you’re unsure which inspection you need, talk with a professional at RMR today.
Level One – Required annually when the chimney has functioned without issue, when there haven’t been any changes to the system, and when you plan to use it exactly the same for the next year.
Includes All accessible portions of the system interior and exterior, looking for basic soundness of structure and flue, installation, connections, and obstruction-free. RMR visually inspects the crown/chase cover, cap, flashing, and the masonry or chase.
Level Two – This inspection is required when changes have been made to the system (big or small), when the chimney may have been affected by storm or fire damage (including seismic activity), after installations, if the chimney has a problem, and before the sale or transfer of property.
Includes: All that included in a level one inspection, in addition to a video scan of the chimney interior and accessible portions of the chimney in crawlspaces and attics.
Level Three – The most thorough inspection required when a hazard is suspected and only recommended when access to the hazard is impossible in a level two inspection.
Includes: All that included in lesser-level inspections, in addition to the removal of portions of the building or chimney to reach hazards.

If you haven’t had your chimney inspected or swept this year, now is the time. When you schedule a chimney sweep with RMR, you will also get a visual inspection of the chimney and fireplace. These appointments are the first step you can take to protecting your chimney and lengthening the life of your chimney.

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