When You Trust Your Tuckpointing & Firebox Repairs To RMR, You Can Clean, Professional Results

As you can imagine, the firebox of your chimney can really take a beating over the years. Winter after winter, it contains the heat and the actual fire itself, and this difficult job can take a toll on the firebox over time. You may begin to spot cracks, loose bricks, or eroded or receding mortar joints, all of which can actually threaten the safety of the fireplace as a whole. Here’s why:

All those cracks, gaps, loose bricks, and receding mortar joints can allow stray sparks, hot ash, extreme heat, smoke, and other byproducts to escape the firebox and access nearby combustibles. And when this happens, you could easily end up with a house fire or damage to the areas of your home that surround the fireplace.

But the good news is, when you need repair or a firebox rebuild, Robinson Maintenance Repair can help. We specialize in firebox rebuilds and firebox tuckpointing, and we’re confident we can get your firebox back to optimal safety levels once more.


Tuckpointing is the word we use to describe the process of grinding out a mortar joint and tucking new mortar in for a stronger, sealed joint. We perform tuckpointing work on all masonry — including the exterior of the chimney — when mortar joints are missing, chipped, cracked, or otherwise worn down and damaged.

During this process, we grind back joints 1/2”, mix up fresh mortar that matches in color and composition, and pack it into the joints. The tools, techniques, and materials we use are guaranteed to provide beautiful, long-lasting results, and with the experience and training our techs have received, you won’t have to worry about messy, bulging mortar or an otherwise unprofessional job.

When tuckpointing a firebox, we use special refractory mortar that’s designed to take the abuse of the fire, so you can rest assured the results will be strong and durable.

Firebox Rebuilds

When the firebox is broadly damaged and restoration requires more than just tuckpointing here and there, we may recommend a firebox rebuild. During a rebuild, we tear out the old firebox and use refractory mortar and firebrick or refractory panels to construct a new, safer, more beautiful firebox. Every material we use is designed to take the heat, so you won’t have to worry about cracks, gaps, or other damage occurring shortly after your firebox is rebuilt.

Don’t Wait To Make Repairs — Call RMR Today

The firebox has a very important job, and if it’s damaged, the safety and comfort of you and your family can be threatened. Don’t wait to make repairs, call on Robinson Maintenance Repair at 847-290-1883 and let our team take care of it for you. We’ll make sure your firebox is in excellent condition so you can light up a fire without worry on the next cool evening. Call or click here to request an appointment to have your firebox repaired or rebuilt today.