Smoke Chamber Repair Is Fast & Effective With Robinson Maintenance Repair

Just like your firebox, your smoke chamber really takes a beating, fire after fire. Why? Location, location, location! The smoke chamber is located just above the firebox and just below the flue, and it looks a lot like an inverted funnel. The reason for its shape and location is that its sole job is to take all that smoke, heat, gas, and other byproducts produced by the fire, and move them up into the flue so they can leave your home safely and efficiently.

But all that heat, acidic and corrosive moisture, and buildup that’s produced by the fire can leave your smoke chamber jagged, cracked, and damaged. And when this happens, openings are left for those byproducts to come into contact with nearby combustibles or re-enter your home. Both scenarios can threaten the safety and health of your home and family.

Not only that, but a jagged, rough-surfaced smoke chamber will cause resistance and actually slow down the passage of smoke and byproducts in the future, which means more creosote buildup, more smoke problems, and more hassle.

If a careful inspection reveals that your smoke chamber is damaged or poorly designed, the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified team at Robinson Maintenance Repair can repair and restore it using Chamber-Tech 2000.

What Is Chamber-Tech 2000?

Chamber-Tech 2000 is a lightweight insulating refractory mortar. This amazing product is applied to the smoke chamber and used to smooth, insulate, strengthen, and reshape the smoke chamber to achieve a safer, better performing system. It can also bring old, dangerous smoke chambers up to code. And because it’s UL listed for zero clearance to combustibles, you won’t have to worry about heat transferring to nearby framing and sparking a house fire.

Put An End To Smoke Chamber Safety & Performance Issues Today

Is your smoke chamber the root cause of your smoke, draft, and safety problems? Let Robinson Maintenance Repair help by repairing and parging your smoke chamber smooth. We proudly serve our neighbors in the north, northwest, and wester Chicago suburbs, and we’re committed to excellence in all our services. Call 847-290-1883 or fill out our online appointment request form to request an appointment today.