Leaky Flashing Fixed Fast With RMR

If you’ve spent any time here on our site, you know that one of our biggest priorities is to prevent chimney leaks. Are you doing everything possible to keep water out of your chimney? Water can be incredibly damaging to just about every part of the chimney system and home, but with regular inspections and proper precautions, you can enjoy a leak-free chimney, decade after decade.

One of the most important areas to keep in tip top shape if you want to win the battle against water is the flashing. Flashing is the metal barrier that rests where the chimney and roofline meet, and its sole purpose is to keep water from entering this area and leaking into the home.

How Does Flashing Cause Chimney Leaks?

When flashing is installed properly, these layers of metal are strategically placed with minimal nail holes and without gaps, ridges, raises, or dips. But flashing installation isn’t always done well, and sometimes low-quality sheet metal is used for the job — metal that’s prone to rust and deterioration.

Likewise, animals, powerful storms, high winds, and falling branches can dent, lift, and damage flashing, and even pull flashing away from the roof and chimney. When this happens, water is fast to act and make its way into the home.

Signs Of Leaky Flashing

Oftentimes, homeowners suspect a roof leak, when it’s actually a problem with the flashing at the roofline. So, aside from regular inspections, how can you know if your flashing is damaged, poorly installed, and leaking water into your home? Most commonly, flashing leaks show up in the form of:

  • water damage on ceilings and walls near the chimney
  • rust stains on the roof and siding

Flashing Repair & Replacement Is Quick & Easy With Our Certified Pros

If you think your flashing may be allowing water into your home or you’d like to have your flashing repaired or replaced, you can count on Robinson Maintenance Repair to do the job right.

Our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified chimney experts repair and replace flashing fast and professionally. We use high-quality, rust-resistant metal and minimal nail holes, and we strategically install flashing for long-lasting leak protection. We guarantee a perfect installation when you entrust the job to us.

Want to make sure your newly repaired or installed flashing stays leak-free? We also offer flashing waterproofing. Our team uses ChimneySaver flashing water-repellent to provide a waterproof barrier that keeps your flashing protected, year after year. This water-repellent is available in multiple color options, so no matter what color your roof or chimney, we’re confident we have a water-repellent option that will seamlessly fit with your home.

Quality Service Is Only A Phone Call Away

Ready to have your flashing professionally inspected, repaired, or replaced? Call Robinson Maintenance Repair — north, northwest, and western Chicago’s trusted, certified, insured, and licensed chimney pros — at 847-290-1883 or click here to request an appointment online. Our team will take great care of you and your home!