Leaky Crown? Crown Repairs & Rebuilds Are Our Specialty

In the battle against water, your chimney crown plays a key role. This concrete slab at the top of the chimney seals off the chase opening and keeps the chimney itself free of water. But like anything, there’s a right way and a wrong way to build a crown, and not everyone knows the difference.

When it’s designed right, the crown will be slightly sloped and will extend a little ways past the chase itself, so that rain and melting snow is directed away from the masonry of the chimney and the flashing. A quality crown will also be at least 3 inches thick at its thinnest point and will be built with a drip edge that extends beyond the edge of the chimney.

What happens when the crown isn’t built properly?

  • Water will more quickly wear through and crack the crown
  • Rain and snow will pool and settle atop the crown
  • Rain and melting snow will run down the sides of the chimney, damaging the masonry and the flashing below

A poorly built crown will deteriorate more quickly than a properly built crown, but all crowns can develop damage over time. But the real issue is that cracks and deteriorating areas of the crown can quickly become entry points for water and lead to extensive water damage in the chimney and home. That’s why it’s imperative that damaged crowns be repaired ASAP.

Keeping Water Out Is Easy With RMR

Keeping your chimney free of leaks has never been easier — call Robinson Maintenance Repair at 847-290-1883 and let our team repair or rebuild your chimney crown the right way. Call or request an appointment online today — our licensed, insured, and CSIA certified team will take excellent care of you and your family, guaranteed.