Protecting & Preserving Your Masonry Chimney Is Easy With Chimney Waterproofing

Water is one of those natural forces that can really do a number on our homes. But if you think about how water shapes and erodes rock formations and other natural structures over time, it really isn’t all that surprising that water can wear away at brick or stone chimneys.

Some of the most obvious signs of water-related masonry damage are cracks, gapping or receding mortar joints, spalling or popping brick, and discoloration and algae growth. Have you already spotted signs of water damage? Are you hoping to stop water damage before it starts?

As a homeowner, you don’t have to just sit by and watch as water takes years from your chimney’s lifespan and adds years to its appearance — you can give it the protection it needs with a water-repellent. But the product you choose to waterproof your masonry with will determine whether you get quality, long-lasting protection or you end up with masonry that’s even worse off than it was at the start.

ChimneySaver Water-Repellent — The Industry’s Most Trusted & Effective Masonry Water-Repellent

Here at Robinson Maintenance Repair, we proudly use ChimneySaver water-repellent to waterproof and protect chimneys here in Chicagoland. This water-based repellent is different from sealers, and that difference makes all the difference.

You see sealers can actually harm the masonry by trapping water vapor inside the brick or stone. Sure, they may keep water out, but by trapping vapor inside, these sealers can actually lead to decay, damage, costly repairs, and even chimney collapse. But ChimneySaver water-repellent is different.

ChimneySaver is a 100% vapor permeable water-repellent, which means it will keep rain, snow, and sleet from penetrating your masonry, but it will still allow any vapor inside the brick to easily escape.

What else makes this product superior to other “waterproofing” products out there?

  • It won’t discolor or alter the look of your chimney or shingles
  • It’s free of dangerous chemicals and noxious odors
  • It can be applied in damp conditions
  • It provides years of protection against water penetration and carries a 10 year warranty
  • It’s 99.9% effective
  • It provides protection against freeze/thaw, efflorescence, staining, and mildew/fungus

A professional, vapor-permeable water-repellent can offer significant protection against chimney leaks and water damage, and it’s affordable and worth every penny. Call 847-290-1883 or click here to request an estimate for your chimney waterproofing service today. The team here at Robinson Maintenance Repair is here to help make chimney maintenance easy — just give us a call!