Keep Your Chimney Liner & Property Protected With Chimney Caps, Rain Caps & Spark Arrestors

How can you protect and preserve your chimney liner and keep your chimney clean and free of leaves, rain, snow, sleet, and animals and their nests? With a chimney cap! Chimney caps are designed to fit over your chimney flue and shield it against the outside elements, which is important for several reasons…

Water Protection

Water (in the form of snow, sleet, and rain) is one of the biggest threats your chimney faces. If water comes into contact with the metal components of your chimney, like your chimney liner and damper, it can rust and corrode the system, leaving it unsafe and ineffective at venting the attached appliance. This type of damage also greatly increases your chance of chimney fire and exposure to smoke and dangerous gases.

If you have creosote buildup inside your chimney flue and water makes its way in, the highly acidic properties of this mixture can lead to mortar joint and flue tile corrosion. As with a metal liner, tile liner damage can render the system unsafe and ineffective at venting the attached appliance, and can greatly increase your chance of chimney fire and exposure to dangerous fumes and gases.

When water makes its way past the flue and down into the firebox itself, you could even end up with a rust-stained, cracked, moldy, mildewy, or otherwise unpleasant, unsafe, and unattractive fireplace. The amount of money that a chimney cap can save you in water damage repairs alone is reason enough to call RMR right away.

Animal Protection

Animals can also make their way in through an open flue and make nests inside of the chimney liner. These little critters create blockages that can increase your chance of:

  • chimney fire
  • smoke problems
  • system performance problems
  • and exposure to carbon monoxide and other dangerous byproducts.

They can also, unfortunately, get stuck inside of the chimney or fall down into the fireplace and die.

Leaves, Downdrafts, & Spark Protection

And what about all the leaves and loose twigs and branches that the wind sends your way? Without a cap, what’s stopping them from entering your chimney flue and causing a chimney fire or blockage?

Caps can also prevent stray sparks from coming into contact with the roof or nearby greenery, and eliminate or at least decrease downdrafts, which are oftentimes responsible for smoky fireside experiences and unpleasant odors.

Olympia Stainless Steel & Copper Caps Are Built To Offer A Lifetime Of Protection

Here at Robinson Maintenance Repair, we proudly install chimney caps, rain, caps, and spark arrestors for all kinds of chimneys and for all situations. Whether you’re mostly concerned with rain and snow coming down into your chimney, stray sparks from the fire exiting your home and landing on nearby greenery, or animals and birds nesting inside of your chimney, we’ve got a cap for you.

Some feature steel mesh barriers that prevent stray sparks from escaping and animals and birds from entering. Others are designed for superior protection against water entry. For wind-related downdraft problems, we rely on Vacustack chimney caps, and for poor draft problems that are related to flue size, we rely on Exhausto chimney caps. Just let us know what your concerns are and we’ll recommend the perfect cap for your home.

We sell and install single flue and multi-flue Olympia caps, which are known for their durability, high-quality, and effectiveness. Whether you like the clean look of stainless steel or the patina of copper, we’ve got it. And because both stainless steel and copper are resistant to rust and corrosion, you can be confident that, whichever option you choose, your cap will last and last. In fact, all of our caps come with a lifetime warranty.

Call RMR Today For Fast, Professional Chimney Cap Installation

If you look up at your chimney and see an open flue, so do birds, small animals, leaves, rain drops, and snowflakes. Safeguard your flue liner and your investment by calling RMR today at 847-290-1883 and scheduling an appointment to have your new stainless steel or copper chimney cap, rain cap, or spark arrestor installed by a certified professional today. We’re experienced and knowledgeable, and we guarantee a perfect installation!