Don’t Worry About Chimney Leaks — Have Your Chase Cover Replaced With A Strong, Rust-Resistant Cover

We all want to make sure our chimneys and flues stay clear of water, a natural force that can cause problems with performance and safety, corrode the metal components of the chimney and fireplace, rot wooden components, and leave the chimney unusable and unsafe. In a masonry chimney, the crown does a lot of the hard work, but with a prefabricated or factory-built chimney, the chase cover or flue cover is responsible for keeping water out of the chimney opening.

You may be wondering why you need to worry when the prefab chimney was surely installed with a chase cover, but the worry comes when you consider the difference that material and design can make. Many stock chase covers/flue covers are made with a low-quality sheet metal that’s not very strong or rust-resistant. When we get a heavy rain or a wet snow, the weight of the pooling water or accumulating snow can actually cause the chase cover to collapse, sag, or rust through.

Is It Time To Have Your Chase Cover Or Flue Cover Replaced? Find Out With An Inspection

Unfortunately, the first sign of a damaged or failing chase cover is oftentimes rust streaks down the chimney siding, along the roof, and down the sides of the home. But you can easily find out if your chase cover is something you should be worried about by scheduling annual inspections with a certified chimney professional each and every year.

During an inspection, our techs will evaluate the material, design, and installation of your chase cover or flue cover and let you know whether or not yours is likely to rust through, sag, collapse, or otherwise fail — or if it already has. If a chase cover replacement is in your future, you can count on RMR to do the job right. 

We install rust-resistant stainless steel chase covers with cross breaks that make them stronger and more resistant to sagging and collapse, so you don’t have to worry about chimney leaks and water damage in the future.

No matter what size chimney you have, we can make sure your chimney is protected against leaks and water-damage with a perfectly-fitted, professionally-installed, high-quality chase cover. Plus, our chase covers/flue covers are affordable and installation is fast and mess-free.

Don’t wait until you see rust streaks — find out if it’s time to replace your chase cover by calling 847-290-1883 or filling out our online appointment request form and scheduling a chimney inspection with a CSIA certified chimney pro. Call today and we’ll make sure your chimney is safeguarded against water for the long-haul.