Leaky Chimney? Call On RMR, Chicagoland’s Leaky Chimney Repair & Waterproofing Experts

When you have a chimney leak, you just want to know how to stop it fast, and how to prevent it from happening again. Here at Robinson Maintenance Repair, we specialize in leak detection, leak repair, and leak prevention, and we can help.

If you suspect or know you have a chimney leak, the first step is to pinpoint where the water is getting in. This can be tricky, because there can be many different entry points, but when you call RMR, you can rest easy. We’ll quickly pinpoint exactly where water is getting in and let you know exactly what you need to do to stop it.

What Causes Chimney Leaks & How Can RMR Help?

In our experience, the most common causes of chimney leaks are:

  • Cracked or poorly built chimney crowns
  • Rusted, lifted, damaged, or poorly installed flashing
  • Missing or poorly installed chimney caps/rain caps
  • Missing, rusted, sagging, or collapsing chase covers/flue covers
  • Cracked, flaking, or water-logged masonry

But no matter what is behind your chimney leak, our team can offer fast, effective, long-lasting repairs and help prevent future leaks. We:

Every component and product we sell and install is designed to stand the test of time and the abuse of Chicago weather. With RMR, there’s no need to worry about investing in a chimney leak repair, only to have problems again another year or so down the line. We stand behind our work and we’re proud to provide long-lasting leak protection throughout north, northwest, and west Chicago’s suburbs.

Say Goodbye To Chimney Leaks For Good — Call RMR Today

Don’t let water damage hit your bank account hard — put a stop to leaks fast and prevent future leaks from springing up with Robinson Maintenance Repair. Call 847-290-1883 or reach out to us here on our website to request a leak inspection and repair today. Our team is committed to excellence in service and education, and we know what it takes to keep your chimney leak-free, year after year. Give us a call today!