HeatShield® — Revolutionary Chimney Repair & Restoration

As you can imagine, taking a chimney apart and putting it back together is a noisy, messy, invasive, and costly process. But for years, when chimney liners were damaged, the only option was to remove and replace the deteriorating clay flue tiles, which required us to dismantle entire areas of the chimney. Thankfully, there’s a better way now through the revolutionary chimney resurfacing and lining repair system, HeatShield®.

HeatShield is a system that uses a “cerfractory” sealant to repair and reline damaged tile chimney flues. This sealant brings the strength and heat resistance of ceramics and cerfractory cement together in one amazing system to provide unparalleled results.

Why Is HeatShield Needed?

The problem with damaged tiles and missing mortar joints in the flue is that, without a sealed, crack-free, and gap-free surface, the flue can allow some of the gas, heat, and other byproducts produced by the fire to come into contact with nearby framing and combustibles or to enter your air supply. Additionally, cracks, gaps, and rough surfaces in the liner reduce the efficiency and performance of the chimney system as a whole.

The HeatShield system is designed to restore the safety, integrity, and performance of the flue liner, without requiring any demolition work or changing the size of the flue itself. If you have an old, deteriorating clay tile liner, HeatShield can be a great option for restoring your chimney.

HeatShield Joint Repair

The joints located between the ceramic flue tiles can gap, crack, shift, or otherwise misalign, and when this happens, openings and spaces are created that can allow heat and gas to pass through. To restore the safety of the liner when this happens, the team here at Robinson Maintenance Repair uses the HeatShield Joint Repair System.

First, a special foam applicator blade is custom-fitted to your chimney and placed below the gap or void. Next, the cerfractory flue sealant is added to the chimney, and the foam applicator blade is winched up the chimney flue to push the sealant in and seal each gap or void. A video inspection camera will be used to reveal the new sealed and smooth surface, so you can literally see the results for yourself.

HeatShield Resurfacing System

Sometimes flue damage is more widespread and the flue could really benefit from a restorative system that addresses the entire surface. As long as the flue itself is still structurally sound, that’s when we use the HeatShield Resurfacing System, a slip casting method of relining.

First, we custom-fit a foam applicator plug to your chimney and place it at the bottom of the flue. Once in place, we pour a “tie coat” — which is really just a cleaning prep coat that removes dust and primes the flue — down into the flue, using the applicator plug to evenly distribute it along the flue surface.

Once the tie coat is fully dry, we pour the HeatShield cerfractory flue sealant down into the flue, and pull the foam applicator up through the chimney to evenly distribute the sealant and smooth over the 1/4” thick layer of HeatShield. The result is a fresh surface that completely seals and covers the original damaged flue surface, and leaves the system safer and more efficient. As we do with the joint repair system, we’ll use a video inspection camera to show you the results of our work.

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