Eliminate Safety & Performance Problems By Relining Your Chimney Or Furnace Flue

Chimneys and furnace flues are responsible for venting our fireplaces, stoves, and furnaces so we can enjoy the comfort these appliances provide, without worrying about the dangers of house fire, smoke inhalation, or carbon monoxide poisoning. Day in and day out, these venting systems take all the heat and acidic moisture and byproducts that these appliances produce, and contain and remove them from the home.

It’s easy to take the chimney and furnace flue for granted and to just assume they’re still in excellent condition, but unfortunately, that’s oftentimes not the case.

Over time, all the heat and byproducts of combustion can cause damage (like holes, cracks, gaps, and flue restricting buildup) in the chimney and furnace flue. Additionally, chimney fires, house settling, severe weather, and water from chimney leaks can damage the flue. And without annual inspections, you have no way of knowing this hidden damage is threatening the safety of your home or the efficiency and performance of the attached fireplace, stove, or furnace. Sure, you may experience some symptoms, like a decrease in performance or a smoky fireside experience, but you wouldn’t be able to link these symptoms back to the liner without a thorough inspection.

How long has it been since you had your chimney inspected by a Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified chimney pro? Here at Robinson Maintenance Repair, we use special cameras to get a good look at the flue’s interior, which allows us to identify any cracks, missing mortar joints, or other damage that could negatively impact safety, function, and performance.

Should we find any damage or other issues with the liner, we can reline the chimney or furnace flue to bring it back to optimal safety, efficiency, and performance.

Reasons To Reline Your Chimney Or Furnace Flue

When exactly is it necessary to reline your chimney? You should have your chimney relined before using your fireplace, stove, or furnace, if:

  • your chimney is older and unlined
  • your liner has been damaged by fire, lightning, settling, creosote, or water, and is beyond repair
  • your liner is improperly sized for the appliance it’s venting and is causing excessive creosote buildup or smoke production
  • your liner is not made for the fuel you’re converting to (for example, if you’re switching from an oil burning furnace to gas heat)

Stainless Steel Liners Restore For A Lifetime

Here at Robinson Maintenance Repair, we reline chimneys with round or oval stainless steel liners from Olympia Chimney Supply. These liners can be rigid or flexible, and are approved for use with all fireplace and furnace installations, regardless of fuel type.

What’s even better?

Installation is fast and affordable, and when professionally installed and maintained, these liners carry a lifetime warranty — which means you won’t have to consider another reline down the road. So don’t leave the safety, efficiency, and performance of your chimney or furnace flue to chance — invest in a quality stainless steel liner that will last you for decades.

We Provide Expert Liner Installation, Each & Every Time

Is your furnace flue or chimney liner in need of attention? Call Robinson Maintenance Repair at 847-290-1883 and schedule an inspection with one of our CSIA certified, licensed, and insured chimney professionals. We’re certified in Relining Masonry Chimneys with Stainless Steel, up to date on all NFPA standards and state and local codes, and we have the equipment, education, and experience to provide a thorough inspection and a long-lasting, effective relining. Call or reach out to us here on our website today!