Unsightly Stains On Your Fireplace & Chimney? Smoke Stain Removal & Masonry Cleaning Are Our Specialties!

Half of the joy of having a fireplace and chimney is enjoying the beauty they add to your home. But smoke stains, algae, mildew, efflorescence, and staining can leave your system’s masonry looking worse and worse, year after year.

If you’re tired of walking into your living room and seeing those ugly smoke stains on your fireplace facing, or driving up to your home and cringing when you spot the stained or algae covered chimney, let Robinson Maintenance Repair help. We specialize in masonry cleaning and use top of the line products designed to provide excellent results fast, without damaging or compromising your masonry.

  • Smoke Stain Removal — For smoke stains, our team uses Paint “N” Peel masonry cleaner, a product that literally removes years of stains right before your eyes. First, we paint the product onto the masonry, and as it dries, the Paint “N” Peel hardens into a rubbery material. Once it’s totally dry, our team simply peels back the Paint “N” Peel to reveal a clean, stain-free surface. This simple process can take years off your fireplace overnight — it’s like a facelift or a makeover for your hearth! And what’s even better? It’s safe for use on brick, stone, tile, marble, concrete, slate, limestone, and cultured stone, and there are no noxious odors of dangerous chemicals used to get the job done.
  • Exterior Masonry Cleaning — For exterior masonry that’s looking worse each year, we offer exterior masonry cleaning with ChimneySaver Brick & Mortar Cleaner. This product cleans with the same level of power and effectiveness as muriatic acid, but it doesn’t come with the dangers and toxic fumes associated with muriatic acid. What kind of masonry staining can it remove? Just about every kind, including rust, smoke, efflorescence (white salt stains caused by exposure to water), mildew, algae, and mortar splatter. A cleaner, more beautiful chimney and home is easy and affordable with ChimneySaver.

Ready to reclaim your home’s beauty by having that unsightly masonry cleaned and restored? Call Robinson Maintenance Repair at 847-290-1883 or click here to request an appointment with our CSIA certified, licensed, and insured team of chimney professionals. We proudly serve our neighbors throughout the north, northwest, and western Chicago suburbs, and we look forward to helping you enjoy a cleaner, safer, more beautiful home.