One thing that is sure to ruin your summer is if your chimney begins to stink. Weather gets warmer and more humid during the summer. This means the moisture can mingle with the soot and creosote in your flue. Unfortunately, this results in an awful odor that you cannot fight with air fresheners. What happens when the negative pressure that occurs when the fire is out and the air conditioner is on? Making a perfect opening for chimney air to fall into your home. It’s easier to prevent the odors than it is to prevent the draft that brings them into your space.

Typical Chimney Odors and What They Mean

  • Smoky/BBQ Smell
    You may think you still have smoke on your clothes from your recent barbecue or camping trip. However, a persistent smoky smell is most likely coming from your chimney. A dirty chimney can begin to smell so strongly that it seems like a dirty barbecue grill is sharing your living room. This smell means your chimney is dirty! Soot and creosote is most likely coating the surfaces of your chimney system. Additionally, the humidity mixed with negative pressure brings the odors right into your living space. You can avoid this occurrence by having your chimney swept. Schedule a chimney sweep now and a chimney expert will remove the culprit swiftly and completely. A clean chimney will not stink, and it will be ready for burn season this fall.
  • Mildew/Moldy Smell
    Is your chimney is emitting a mildew or moldy odor? This can mean a bigger problem than a dirty chimney. Most likely, you have a leaky chimney on your hands, and the odors may be the least of your problems. Depending on how long the chimney has been leaking, there may be mold present.  This affects your family’s health as much as the water affects the masonry! Water destroys masonry from the inside out, dropping efficiency, raising fire risk (during burn season), and costing you in repairs. Do you smell mold or mildew, hear dripping, or see other signs of water intrusion? Call a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® (CCS) right away for a chimney inspection!
  • Decomposition Smell
    Throughout the life of your chimney, it can be affected by outside factors including animals. When animals get into your chimney, they can become trapped and die. Consequently, this results in foul odors that seep into your home. Animals and birds also leave droppings that eventually cause foul odors, as well as debris and nesting materials such as leaves and sticks. All of these living things decompose when given enough time. If your chimney hasn’t been swept recently and you smell the distinct odor of decomposition, there is likely something in your chimney that isn’t going to go away on its own! A simple chimney sweep will remove anything from the chimney that shouldn’t be there.

Preventative Measures

Robinson Maintenance Repair Inc. offers a full range of chimney services including necessary annual inspections, routine chimney sweeps, waterproofing, and repairs. You can speak with one of our chimney experts by calling (847) 290-1883 or request an estimate using our form!