Even while your fireplace isn’t being used through the summer, it can still affect your home and your safety. If there are any problems with your chimney system, you may overlook them because you can’t see the entire system. Much of it exists inside the chimney and above the roof! As temperatures become more mild, it’s time to think about getting your chimney ready for winter, because the busy season is right around the corner.

Beat the Fall Rush

The period between October and January is considered the “fall rush” because during this time, chimney professionals are busy. The fall rush keeps chimney sweeps busy with emergency calls, repairs, and installations, leaving little room for routine maintenance. If you wait until the fall rush to schedule your chimney services, you may be left in the cold, unable to use your chimney and fireplace, and may not get the appointment time or technician you want.

Prepare Your Chimney Now

Top chimney professionals recommend routine maintenance for optimal performance. Both the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommend regular chimney sweeps and annual inspections for the safest and most efficient chimney. Scheduling these important services now can prevent damage later. By getting your chimney cleaned and inspected now, you can spend the rest of the summer worry-free, knowing your chimney is ready for a fire this fall. Scheduling now also allows time for needed repairs before cold weather.

Adequate Wood Store

Fall is not just a busy time for chimney sweep companies. It’s also a busy period for local wood dealers. Buying an adequate wood supply during the spring and summer means that the wood is stored and properly seasoned wood. If you’re forced to buy wood during the fall, you may not get wood that is appropriate for use. Too wet, also called fresh or green wood, will not burn as hot, will burn incompletely, and contribute to creosote buildup on your flue walls. Buying wood during the busy season may also mean overlooking important things like price and quality. Make sure you get your money’s worth by reading up on these tips.

Review Rules and Fire Safety

The fall isn’t just busy for chimney professionals and wood suppliers, but also families! The holidays are a favorite time to light a fire for gatherings, festivities, and for warmth. Before burn season begins, make sure your family knows the Do’s and Dont’s of fire safety. If you have safety concerns for your small children, call us at RMR, and we can talk to you about fire screens and fireplace gates. Products like this sold at retail stores are not always reliable or fire-safe. Talk to a chimney and fireplace expert today.

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