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Articles, News & Updates

Safety Around the Fireplace This Christmas

The holidays are the most popular time for the fireplace and chimney. The fireplace gets to be the focal point of many festivities, moments, and even family photographs. The chimney gets to work, and if it works well you can […]

What You Need to Know About Your Chimney and Venting System

Over half of new homes have a fireplace. Homeowners still love fires—wood, gas, or electric. Even television screens with a crackling fire serve as backdrops for holiday festivities! Having a fireplace is not as easy as switching on the television, […]

Direct Vent Natural Gas Fireplaces: Pro’s & Con’s

There is no doubt about it–now is the time to think about your fireplace. The seasons are changing, temperatures are dropping, and the holidays are coming. Homeowners enjoy fireplaces during this time of year most of all, as they plan […]

Chimney Fires And Prevention

Now is the time that homeowners are firing up their fireplaces and stoves for the first time of the season. As temperatures dip lower and lower, the fires are going to burn longer and hotter. Before fall turns to winter, […]

Masonry Chimney Maintenance: Beyond The Occasional Flue Cleaning

Your chimney is an important part of your home. It may be the most important because it continuously works to keep your family safe from fire and smoke inhalation while a fire is burning. The entire chimney system is made […]

Concrete Crown Replacement

There are a few reasons that your chimney crown may need replacing. If it is too damaged from weather or neglect for safe restoration, it will need to be completely replaced. The proper construction of the concrete crown is paramount […]

Fireplace Repair with HeatShield®

Although your chimney system is designed to last, there are many factors that can contribute to a damaged fireplace and chimney. Failing to schedule preventative maintenance, burning the wrong type of fuel, and incorrectly installed and constructed parts can lead […]

Busy Season Is Right Around the Corner!

Even while your fireplace isn’t being used through the summer, it can still affect your home and your safety. If there are any problems with your chimney system, you may overlook them because you can’t see the entire system. Much […]

Effects Of Rain Damage On Masonry

Rain is not something that you can avoid in Chicago or anywhere else! However, you CAN avoid rain damage by scheduling routine maintenance and preventative measures. Rain can damage a masonry chimney if left unchecked. Thus, causing damages that can […]

Summer Is Never Too Early For Chimney Maintenance

Summer may be the ideal time to forget about winter. Having said that, it’s also the ideal time to remember your chimney maintenance! By scheduling now, you can rest assured that your chimney system is in tip-top shape for the […]