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Articles, News & Updates

Why Flue Covers Are Necessary

When your chimney was built, it should have been built to last. The leading cause of damaged chimneys is neglect. Most chimney damage is 100 percent preventable, and the worst damage is caused by one thing: water. Preventing Water Damage […]

Bricks Flaking? Let us Help!

As winter crawls to a stop, and spring weather arrives, you may notice some new masonry issues. Winter weather can cause damage to the masonry through the freeze/thaw cycle. When water fills cracks and spaces in the masonry, it freezes […]

Why Hire a CSIA Certified Technician

Your chimney may be the only thing that stands between you and a warm house. It may be the one thing that makes your house unsafe. It may be a risk every time you light a fire. Hiring a CSIA […]

Signs of Chimney Neglect

As a homeowner, it’s important to stay on top of home maintenance because it can quickly get away from you. A small to-do list can become insurmountable if it’s never looked at or worked toward. What’s more, if routine maintenance […]

The Effects of Extreme Temperatures and Pressures on the Chimney

Your chimney is one of the largest systems in your house, and it’s important for your comfort and your safety. One of the most important things when it comes to your chimney system is understanding how it works so that […]

Don’t Burn Wrapping Paper or Christmas Trees in Your Fireplace!

The holiday season is the time for the fireplace to shine. Cozying by the fire, entertaining guests, and holiday festivities are made better with a warm and crackling fireplace. The fireplace is a great backdrop for family photos and can […]

Safety Around the Fireplace This Christmas

The holidays are the most popular time for the fireplace and chimney. The fireplace gets to be the focal point of many festivities, moments, and even family photographs. The chimney gets to work, and if it works well you can […]

What You Need to Know About Your Chimney and Venting System

Over half of new homes have a fireplace. Homeowners still love fires—wood, gas, or electric. Even television screens with a crackling fire serve as backdrops for holiday festivities! Having a fireplace is not as easy as switching on the television, […]

Direct Vent Natural Gas Fireplaces: Pro’s & Con’s

There is no doubt about it–now is the time to think about your fireplace. The seasons are changing, temperatures are dropping, and the holidays are coming. Homeowners enjoy fireplaces during this time of year most of all, as they plan […]

Chimney Fires And Prevention

Now is the time that homeowners are firing up their fireplaces and stoves for the first time of the season. As temperatures dip lower and lower, the fires are going to burn longer and hotter. Before fall turns to winter, […]