When spring finally arrives, cleaning your fireplace is usually the last thing on your mind—right? Well, actually there are valuable benefits to spring cleaning your fireplace. Sure, being a step ahead in preparation for the winter months is always a plus but here are some other benefits to scheduling your cleaning now.

  • Ice, snow and rain can find ways to enter your chimney during the winter months. The moisture that builds up from these elements can easily cause corrosion in your chimney liner and often lead to a damaged liner. A spring cleaning with an inspection can help identify any issues that might be visible.
  • As you can guess, many homeowners wait until the fall to schedule their chimney sweep. This might seem like the perfect time yet it is the busiest season and if damage is identified, you might be waiting a long time before you are able to enjoy your fireplace.
  • Unfortunately, as you enjoyed your fireplace this winter, creosote was building up in the liner of your chimney. This creosote build-up can produce a sour odor that can eventually become noticeable in your home. A chimney sweep can remove the creosote and eliminate this from happening.
  • While we all love the warmth and ambiance of a nice fire, the end result is dust, dirt and debris that sits in your fireplace after the fact. Leaving this sit all summer long while spring cleaning everything but your chimney seems a bit ridiculous. A spring chimney sweep will help keep your home clean and healthy.

So, as you’re planning your spring cleaning, make a note to schedule a chimney sweep and inspection with a licensed and certified specialist. Protect the value of your home and the health of your family!