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RMR is Your Chimney and Fireplace Specialist Serving the Greater O'Hare Area

When you need help with your wood stove, fireplace, chimney or dryer vent, the professionals at Robinson Maintenance & Repair, Inc. understand the intricacies of the venting systems in your home.

 RMR Chimney Services at a Glance
  • Chimney Sweep / Cleaning
  • Chimney Rebuild
  • Chimney Tuckpointing
  • Chimney Masonry Restoration
  • Chimney Liners
  • Chimney Covers, Dampers & Protective Screens
  • Common Chimney Problems
  • Chimney Repair
  • Fireplace Cleaning
  • Fireplace Repair

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Why Choose Robinson Maintenance and Repair for Chimney Sweep Services?

  • We are certified, insured and licensed chimney sweeps
  • We offer professional, prompt & courteous service
  • We help the customer to find a solution that best fits their need
  • We specialize in chimney maintenance & repair

We use the latest tools and technology to ensure that your chimney and dryer venting systems are operating at optimal levels. All of our technicians are CSIA-certified specialists and are up to date on NFPA standards and state and local codes. Most importantly, they are ready to address the particular needs of your home. We provide comprehensive, reliable services that have stood the test of time.


To learn more about why you should call on RMR, find out some details about Robinson Maintenance and Repair.


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